The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle

One of the top men’s hair trends for 2015 is the fade. The shaved sides and back are similar to the undercut but instead of creating a disconnect hairstyle, a fade seamlessly tapers hair down to the scalp. Due to the more subtle transition of a fade, it looks great up high or down low on the head. Check out these cool men’s hairstyle pictures from Reuzel Pomade, Holland’s finest pomade, to check out the low razor fade.
The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle 1

The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle 2

The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle 3

The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle 4

The Low Razor Fade Hairstyle 5

The fade works well with any hairstyle, vintage or modern. In fact, adding one can update any style – like this slick pomp. It’s similar to the trendy slick back but with added volume and extra height in the center.

This low skin fade starts at the temples and veers down to the nape of the neck in a straight line. The contrast between hair and skin adds a cool diagonal. On top, hair is slicked into a graceful arc.

Instead of a skin fade that shaves hair all the way down, this is a taper fade. Hair is clean cut all around the hairline. This is a good choice for any haircut because it looks natural growing out compared to a hard line. The cut also works well with a beard, fading seamlessly into facial hair.

This new hairstyle for men starts the fade almost at the side part. The cool effect leaves short hair that could stick up so be sure to work some pomade through that area and comb it down.

From the side, precision barbering creates a smooth transition from long hair down to very short. The hair shape is a smooth arc instead of the natural hairline. Keep up the cool effect with regular trims or the cut will look fine hair grows out.
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